This is the first mail that I sent out to about 450 addresses all that I could find on the Net.


Dear Gurney

I have just started work on

This site is intended to be the main resource for the Gurney family globally

and related matters on the Internet.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions and contributions towards the

direction and content of this site.

I am intending to put a bulletin board on this site soon, rather than create

another mailing list.


A few of the replies that came in within the first 5 hours


I assume that being in the business you would have already

tried the white pages for family contacts. I've never been

able to persevere with tracing my family's past

For your information, my father (William G..)

was born in Hull, and I believe that his father (another

Gurney) came from the Norfolk area (I believe also that

he went to sea or the lighthouses before settling down).

It's a fascinating subject, I wish you well.


t 09:00 17/06/97 -0400, you wrote:

>You have not made clear whether this is a matter of personal interest or

>whether this is part of some business which at some later stage will

>involve charges.

>Also please give me your full name and postal address and then I will

>consiuder whether to ask you to drop me from your list or to remain

>thereon. has been set up by me personaly as a resource for the entire extended family and relations globally.

I am managing director of Net Communications an ISP in the UK who provide the

web storage.

There absolutly no question of any charges for this.

The entire content and the sevices that this site offers will be decided by the people such as yourself who have been kind enough to reply.

You may wish to have a look at this is a free charity server

again hosted by Net Communications.

My address

Northrepps Hall



NR27 0JW

+44 1603 444 444 work

444 445 fax

+44 468 891 893 Mobile

Thank you again for you kind enquiry




The idea that all Gurneys might be related is something I never took for grandfather was apparently a wayward individual that we

know very little about.

I know he was in St. Louis Missouri 1909-1910 since my father was born

in 1910. He told everyone that he was English, and I imagine his papers

were, but when I went to England a few years ago people told me Gurney

was an Irish name. The rest is left to my imagination.



I picture a family tree which has many leaves, but not all,

disconnected. There are also some branches intact. Your leaf lights up

with You Are Here. ;) Each leaf or twig or whatever has a short biog

associated with it. Corny, but more intuitive than lists.

Perhaps your bulletin board begins as a collection of Calling Card/Biogs

complete with photos. All user contributed. These could be leaves.

Is there really a Robert De Gournay monument? Perfect spot for a WebCam?

This is a cool project you have started, good luck with it.



I would be interested to know in what parts of the world other Gurney's

reside, and to have some idea how any of us are related.

Great idea, thanks for the mail!


Dear Simon Gurney

Sounds like a great idea. My particular branch of the Gurney family is

from Cornwall and is less distinguished than the main Norfolk strain - at

least, this is the family history as told by my Dad.

We do have material relating to various dead Gurneys - if there is a

history bit.

Do keep me up to date with developments.




Interested to hear about the forthcoming Gurney Web site.

You do not say where you are based.

Information on other Gurneys would be interesting for the site as

well as a (basic) family tree.


Hi Simon,

> Dear Gurney

How formal! :-)

Thanks for letting me know. The site looks interesting. I'll

continue to monitor the pages.